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Don Shouldice

Don Shouldice

Branch Manager

As Branch Manager at Raymond James’ Waterloo City Centre, Don provides guidance and direction to financial advisors in the office, as well as his team.

Don has over 40 years in the financial services industry, including experience in banking and investment management. He is noted for his ability to understand the unique financial issues facing each particular client and to communicate solutions simply and clearly.

He has developed an extensive network of resources that he can rely on to assist his clients and their families through life’s challenges, both financial and life-stage transitions.

Marilyn Buehler

Marilyn Buehler

Branch Administrator

Marilyn keeps the administrative aspects of our practice operating smoothly and efficiently. She provides exceptional client service, handles incoming inquiries, as well as managing client information and documentation.

Marilyn has exercised her office management/accounting skills for the past 20 years in a variety of industries encompassing property management, construction, and non-profit services. Her past experience is an excellent complement to her financial services responsibilities.

External Resources

Faye Shouldice

Faye Shouldice

Retired Registered Nurse

Faye has over 40 years of extensive experience as a Registered Nurse at general hospitals in Port Colborne, Brampton, and Cambridge and, most recently, Paramed.

Faye supports her husband, Don, in offering suggestions for individual clients concerning aging and eldercare—privately and personally.

Faye Shouldice is a retired registered nurse and an external consultant to the Shouldice Wealth Management team, providing healthcare concerning aging and eldercare.

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