“Don Shouldice has been our financial adviser for many years. Prior to Don, I tended to deal with our adviser. As a result Charlotte did not have a grasp of our portfolio. When we both tried to meet with the previous adviser she did not really feel that he was including her as an equal in the discussions. Furthermore, I felt that the responsibility rested on my shoulders, which created additional stress when the markets were doing badly.” - Henrik

“Don communicates well with both of us. Don provides clarity when questions are asked about the best approach. We meet jointly on a regular basis with him. He is prudent in his advice, and we are both very comfortable discussing our financial issues with him. He is always very responsive to our needs and attentive to us on a regular basis. Don provides options for his clients to choose from, considering their own perspectives on the market.” - Charlotte

“Don has managed our portfolio since 2007. He keeps us involved and informed, producing growth we are very satisfied with. Don is a very friendly professional who fully considers our investment style and needs, and clearly conveys his strategies. We highly recommend Don’s professional, successful management of your portfolio.” - John & Ella Mae L.

“I have worked with Don as my financial adviser for nearly 20 years.  It has been my experience that Don is a very trustworthy and competent adviser. He communicates on a regular basis and explains things clearly if you have questions.  I hold Don in high esteem.  I would highly recommend him as a financial adviser.” - Joyce H.

“Don has managed my investment portfolios since 2010 and he has consistently demonstrated that he is a very trustworthy and experienced advisor. Investment recommendations are always made with my best interests in mind. Don is always available to respond immediately to questions that I may have and responds in a thoughtful professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Don’s financial expertise.” - Dr. Bell

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